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$100 per hour + $75 for processing


Editing Options

After our creative session together, your photos will be uploaded into a private folder within the Client Portal.

In your folder, there will be various editing options to choose from. The following editing options are explained below:


Full Edit


With the “Full Edit” option, I am can tame fly aways & smooth skin, amongst other edits that require attention to detail to remove any distractions that stray the eye from the subject matter. This option gives space for specific edit requests and attention to detail enhancements.

Light Edit


The “Light Edit” option will be the basic fixes such as brightness, temperature, and contrast. This is a great option if you want a clear photo, but dig the wild details that are naturally occurring in the capture. These edits tend to turn out the most similar to the way the scene was witnessed in the living moments of the photo session.



Just as it is stated, this editing option will be straight out of the camera without any touch ups. This option is handy when you want to simply preserve the moments.

This option is not available for every photo, as some photos will innately need more attention before going out into the world.

Social Media


If you know you are using a few of the photos from our session purely for social media, then the social media editing option is the choice to choose. These files are much smaller for quick uploading, while also using less storage space on your devices. If you are seeking an entire session that will be purely for social media use, then check out the details on The Social Media Package, below!

*Keep in mind: If printed or used for website content, photos may appear pixelated simply because the files are much smaller*

The Social Media Package!

$250 per hour + $75 processing fee

Pay by the hour and get all of the best images, lightly edited — If you are looking for an abundance of content that is purely for social media, this is going to be your gold. These beauties will be lightly edited and slightly stylized to meet your social media content needs! These files are much smaller, to be made for quick uploading, while also using less storage space on your devices.

Although these files will be smaller, your audience will never know, as the aesthetic of quality shall remain!

*Special Event Pricing*

Check out the Jubilation slide, below, for photo examples

$200 per hour + $75 processing fee

All of the best images will be delivered to you in the “Light Edit” option, unless requested otherwise.

I look forward to creating with you!

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